How-To: Clear Internet cache to record Auto Attendant Greeting


How-To: Clear Internet cache to record Auto Attendant Greeting

If you have any issues with recording a personal greeting for your cloud phone account please do the following:   

Internet Explorer:

  1. Select Tools (via the Gear Icon) > Safety > Delete browsing history

  2. Make sure to uncheck Preserve Favorites website data and check both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies then click Delete.

  3. You will get a confirmation at the bottom of the window once it has successfully cleared your cache and cookies.

  1. Click the menu button New Fx Menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Select the Advanced panel.
  3. Click on the Network tab
  4. In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now.
Automatically clear the cache - Firefox

You can set Firefox to automatically clear the cache when Firefox closes:

  1. Click the menu button New Fx Menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Select the Privacy panel.
  3. In the History section, set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.
  4. Select the check box for Clear history when Firefox closes. always clear in content.
  5. Beside Clear history when Firefox closes, click the Settings… button. The Settings for Clearing History window will open.
  6. In the Settings for Clearing History window, put a check mark next to Cache.
  7. Click OK to close the Settings for Clearing History window.
  8. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you've made will automatically be saved.


  1. Click the Properties icon in the top right hand corner of your browser. This is located adjacent to the address bar
  2. Slid down to More Tools and choose Clear Browsing Data

3. You will see another dialog box on your screen. You can choose to clear the data from 'the past hour' all the way to 'beginning of time'
- Normally, the below screen shot are the common choices for clearing data. If you would like to choose more, you are free to do so.

4. Click Clear browsing data.
5. Re-attempt to perform the failed function.
- If your attempts fail, please contact us at 866-514-8647, Option 3, Option 1 or send an email to with your Cloud Phone Number, exactly what you are trying to do and the results of that action. Someone from our technical team will contact you.


1. In the Safari menu bar, click the Safari option.
2. Select the Preferences link.

3. In the Preferences window, click the Advanced tab.

4. At the bottom of the window, select the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox.

5. Return to the Safari menu bar and click the Develop option.

6. Select the Empty Caches link.
To learn more about clearing your cache in Safari, visit Apple Support.
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