How-To: Phone Settings - Find Me


How-To: Phone Settings - Find Me


"Find me / Follow me" is a service to have your phone calls sent to another phone other than your assigned phone. To set this up, you must have access to the Voxox User Portal. If you do not have access to the portal, the portal administrator will be able to set up the "Find me / Follow me" settings for you.

To configure your extension to forward to an extension within the office or to a custom number:

  1. Log into
  2. Click Phone Settings
  3. Click Find Me
  4. In the Drop Down box, choose your name or extension
  5. Click Edit
  6. Click Add Number
  7. Click the drop down labeled "Select Number"
    • Choose the Extension where you are going to be located, or...
    • Choose Custom to enter an off network number such as your cell phone.
    • Note: Please make sure you enter an 11-digit telephone number with no spaces or dashes. Example: 1XXXXXXXXXX
  8. Routing Options
    • You have the option to enable the ringing of both locations to ring at the same time.
    • Un-check the little box to disable calls going to your extension.
  9. To bring the calls back to normal, follow the above steps and remove 4 through 7.

*Note: If you do not have access to the user portal to manage your phone settings, please call Voxox Customer Support at 866-514-8647 or email us at to request portal access.

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