How-To: Re-register your Panasonic Handset to the Base Station


How-To: Register your Panasonic Cordless Phone

On your Panasonic handset, you are seeing the following message.
  • Phone 1. Press ALL on base for 4 seconds, then press OK.

This message generally indicates the handset is not registering to the Base Station and it needs to be re-associated. Please follow the steps below.

Registering the handset
  1. Handset
    • [MENU] (center joystick)
    • [#][130]
  2. Base Station
    • Press and hold [ALL] for 4 - 6 seconds until the STATUS indicator light flashes RED
    • If all the registered handsets start ringing, press the same button to stop.
    • Step 3 must be competed within 90 seconds
  3. Handset
    • Press [OK], then wait until a long beep sounds.
    • When the handset is registered, the antenna icon will not have a 'slash'

If the above steps do not help, please call us at 866-514-8647.


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