How-To: Update Auto Attendant Menu Action & Options



The automated attendant is a virtual receptionist that answers calls professionally and routes callers to the appropriate place based on a menu selection.  The automated attendant can route callers to an extension, another phone number, a recorded message such as business hours or directions or directly to voicemail. You can bypass the auto attendant and send calls directly to you, if desired.

  1. Sign in to you Cloud Phone Account
  2. Click Company from the main menu.
  3. Scroll down to Menu Options.
  4. Click Delete and then Add to edit an existing option.
  5. To create a new Menu option click Add next to the number you wish to update.


  1. A dropdown menu will display routing options to include previously entered extensions.

  2. To route to a menu option to a previously entered extension, select the desired extension from the drop down menu.

  3. To route to a specific phone number, select Connect to Phone Number and you will be prompted to enter the desired phone number.

  4. To play a pre-recorded message such as office hours or directions select the desired “Play Recording” option.
  • "Call to record" will prompt for a mobile number where you will be called and walked through the call recording.
  • "Text to speech" will play a digital recording of the text you type.
  • "Upload Audio" will allow you to upload an audio file of a pre-recording message.
  1. Select Connect to Voicemail to send a call directly to the company Voicemail.

  2. Click Save

  3. After you have set up your auto attendant be sure to Edit your corporate greeting.
  • Digital Greeting - Simply type in the desired text and click save. 
  • Personal Greeting - Record a company greeting by clicking “Record One Now”
  • Upload Audio File - Click “Upload" to be prompted to select an audio file 


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