How:To: Change Extension Name


How-To: Change Extension Name


You may need to change the Display Name of the phone for administrative reasons, i.e. new employee, employee name change or when an employee exits the company.

  1. Log into with your administrative credentials
  2. Click “Features” > “ Manage Extensions”
  3. To find the extension you are looking for, enter the extension in the “Search Field”
  4. Click “once” on the current name to edit the name
  5. Click “once” in the editable field
  6. Use the “Back Space” key to delete the current name
  7. Enter the new name
  8. Click “Save”
  9. Click “Devices” on the left hand side. 
  10. Click “Deploy Changes” and wait until the changes have been enabled and click “ok”.
  11. Click “Manage Extensions”
  12. Enter the Extension you had just changed the name
  13. In the “right most column”, click the black “plug icon” to reboot the phone


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