How-To: Sending and Receiving Virtual Faxes


How-To: Sending and Receiving Virtual Faxes

Sending a virtual fax

  1. Email a PDF attached document to recipients via your registered email address. Faxes must be sent in the following format: [1FAXNUMBER] (without the brackets)
  2. Ensure the fax number is in 11 digit format with a "1" and the area code listed first.


Receiving a virtual fax

  1. Simply provide your virtual fax number to the sending party
  2. Documents faxed to your fax number will forwarded to your registered e-mail address of choice in PDF format. 


Additional Tips

  1. You can port a fax number to Voxox or we can provide a number for an additional charge.
  2. Virtual faxes are limited to one receiving email. If your business requires multiple contacts to receive virtual faxes, Voxox recommends creating a distribution email. This will allow you control to who receives the faxes within the company.
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