How-To: SMS Call Back via User Portal


How to: Use SMS Call Back

    • Under the Phone Settings tab click on SMS Callback
    • In the drop down find the extension to initiate the callback.
    • Click on ADD and fill out both fields for the mobile number, make sure that 1 is included.  Ex.  16195555555.  Also, fill out the description field. 
    • Once information is entered the system is ready for SMS call back.

To initiate the call back do the following:

      • Send a text from any of the authorized mobile numbers from the list to this Access Number:
        1 (858) 880-4767
      • Type the number you want to call as the body of the SMS.
      • The system will then call the mobile number, wait for an answer and will then call the number that was in the body of the sms.


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