How-To: Customize Directories


How-To: Features - Devices - Directories

  1. Navigate to the Features Tab and click the Devices Link on the left hand side
  2. Use the "Search" field to find the extension's phone you would like to modify
  3. Click Directory next to the corresponding extension's phone
  4. Click Dropdown Menu next to "Current Directory:" at the top and select New Directory or select the Default Directory
  5. If a New Directory was created, be sure to fill out the "Directory Name:" Field with the desired name
  6. Use the following navigation buttons to arrange Non-Directory Extensions to the Directory Listing:
    • Move extensions to the Non-Directory Extensions
    • Move extensions up in the Directory Listing only
    • Move extensions to the Non-Directory Extensions
    • v Move extensions down in the Directory Listing only
    • Custom Entry: Name and Number (no dashes), Click +
  7. Click Save & Use this directory when complete


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