How-To: Modify Ring Groups


How-To: Modify Ring Groups


1. Once in your User Portal, navigate to Ring Group under the Features tab

2. Using the drop down menu, select the account you will be modifying

3. Once selected, hit the Edit button

4. To add a number to the ring group, click the Add Number button

5. Click the drop down menu to select an extension or select a custom number

      Note: Custom numbers should be 11-digits

6. Select how you want the Caller ID to display

  •  Caller Number and Name: Information of the Caller
  •  Forwarder Number and Name: Information of where the call was forwarded from (Another Extension, Ring Group, etc).

7. Select the Ring Time (Estimated 4 secs per ring) 

8. If you want to ring all numbers at the same time, select "Ring my numbers at the same time" box

9. If you want to ring in order (top to bottom), leave the "Ring my numbers at the same time" box unchecked

10. If you want to remove an number, click the Trashcan icon

11. Click Save


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