How-To: Retrieve Voicemail Messages


How-To: Retrieve Voicemail Messages

There are various ways to check your Voicemail Messages


  1. From your phone:
      • Dial *98 and your voicemail will automatically start to play. If your account isn’t configured to forward to your email you will receive your voicemails through your handset
  2. From your email:
    • If your voicemail is configured to forward to your email account, you will receive a voicemail from "" with an audio file attachment of the voicemail
  3. From the portal:
    • Click the “Messages” tab
    • Click the “Voicemail” link
    • On the right side, you can either Delete, Listen or Mark as read.

4. Remote Access Number:

    • Dial into Access number 1-858-956-6666
    • Prompt will request, "Please enter your account number."
      • Enter the account number 1950-xxx-xxxx# (Note: If your office manager does not have your account number, please call support)
    • Prompt will request, "Please enter your password."
      • All extensions default password will be 777 (Unless changed by the user)
    • Follow the prompts to receive the voicemail.

*Note: Each person will be able to change their passwords, create and make changes to their voicemail greetings by following the prompts*






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