Porting Requests


Transferring phone numbers between service providers is a delicate and detail-sensitive process. Your current service provider does not want to lose you as a customer and will enforce very specific requirements for a successful transfer. The below information will enable you to prepare for these requirements and avoid delays.

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) gives Voxox the right to transfer numbers from your previous provider to Voxox. If any information on this document is inaccurate, the transfer will be rejected by your current service provider. For this reason, one Letter of Authorization is required for each individual account.  For example, if you have 2 service providers and two accounts with each, you will need 4 Letters of Authorization with the following information:

  • Business Name - Exactly as it appears on your phone bill
  • Physical Service Address - This may be different than your billing address and cannot be a PO Box
  • Billing Telephone Number (BTN) - The unique primary phone number for each account
  • Authorized Name - The name of the Authorized Agent on record with your current service provider


Keep Existing Services

Be sure to notify your current provider that you intend to keep all services not being transferred to VoxOx including Internet, fax, alarm, gate/elevator phone lines, etc.

Remove Special Features on Numbers

Special features such as remote call forwarding or hunt groups can be reason for rejection by your current service provider. Please notify VoxOx of any special features existing on your account.

DSL on the Line

If you are transferring the phone number associated with your DSL service, your Internet service will be disconnected unless you contact your DSL service provider and select another number to be associated with your DSL service. If this occurs, your VoxOx voice over Internet phones will not work.

Outstanding Orders on the Account

If you have recently made any changes to your account, such as terminating/ordering services or features, this will conflict with our number transfer request. If you think there might be outstanding orders on your account, please contact your current service provider and request that any outstanding orders other than your number transfer request be canceled.

Transferring Some, But Not All Numbers on the Account

If there are any numbers on your account that you do not wish to transfer, your current service provider will ask VoxOx what you would like to do with these numbers. Please inform VoxOx of any numbers on your account that you do not want to transfer and what your intentions are for those numbers.

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