How-To: Remote Call Forward (RCF)


The remote call forward feature allows you to setup and manage call forwarding from your VoxOx in Business phone.

This setting will override your Reach Me settings for your extension and is useful for sending calls to an answering service or other temporary number quickly from your phone.

How to use Remote Call Forward (RCF):

Activate - Dial *72   If this is the first time you have used a remote management feature, you will be prompted to enter your custom pin.  Follow the IVR directions to set your 11 digit call forward number (US calling only)

Deactivate - Dial *73   You will hear a confirmation message when RCF has been disabled.  Additionally, you can deactivate remote call forwarding from your phone by dialing *72 and following the IVR prompts.

Remote management   From any phone, dial your extension directly using your direct dial number or call into the main IVR and transfer to your extension.  On the first ring (or beginning of the transfer from the IVR) press * * (star, star) and you will be prompted to enter your PIN.  Enter you PIN and you will be presented with the same IVR used when the forward was activated from your phone.

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